Buyer Agent

Services Provided

Personal consultation to fully understand your buying needs and requirements. Guide you through each step of the purchase process.

Provide you with the most up-to-date market trends, housing data, and local statistics to make sure you know the area before your purchase.

Use MLS, other online tools, and our agent network to find you the most desirable and suitable properties.

Highly professional negotiation skills, which we use to find a house that is the best fit at the best possible price.

Personally assisting you with writing offer letters, as well as personal letters to increase the chance of winning the bid in multiple offer situations. Carefully guide you through all disclosure reports and alert you if there are any red flags that you need to be aware of before you make the final purchase decision. Bill will protect you from making common mistakes during the buying process.

Bill will help you with the entire procedure all the way through to the closing process and the final walk through, until the transaction is completed to your satisfaction.


Why Buy with Bill


Market Knowledge

Knowing the home market in San Francisco Bay Area is Bill's bread and butter. Bill and his team research the market tirelessly and can spot trends long before most experts. Bill's extensive research pays off for his clients. You will be able to tap into Bill's encyclopedic knowledge of this market. He can not only ascertain, with great accuracy, a home's present value, but he also has the uncanny ability to understand what a home may be worth in the future. He will be able to provide timely advice, so you can make a sound investment.


Experience and Wisdom

You found a home with the floor plan you have fallen in love with. But, what about the roof? What about the foundation? San Francisco Bay Area has many appealing homes, and, to the untrained eye, that home you absolutely love could become a bottomless money pit. Bill will guide you in making the right decisions (and avoiding the bad ones) based on years of home buying know-how.


An Educated Choice

Real estate contracts can be intimidating and full of pit falls. Having Bill review the contract before signing could save you thousands in added expenses. Being able to access Bill's vast knowledge of real estate contracts will give you an advantage when it comes time to sign one of the most important documents you may ever sign. Bill can review, negotiate, and provide valuable guidance through every aspect of a contract for you.



Bill's network of financial contacts can ensure his clients get the best rates possible.



Stubborn home sellers? Difficult selling agents? Bill has seen it all! When it comes to sealing the deal, no one does it better. Bill's negotiation savviness will ensure that you get the best possible deal. The interests of Bill's clients are championed in every deal he puts together.

Buying a home in the San Francisco Bay Area can be a challenging endeavor. Having Bill at your side will give you the assurance that everything will be taken care of. From finding the right home, getting the best financing, to negotiating with the sellers, and following through after the deal, Bill will be your most valuable asset during the entire process. Call Bill today and put him to work for you!


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