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My goal is to assure a smooth, well managed and successful real estate experience that exceeds your expectations. I will always keep your best interest at heart.  

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In person consultation to fully understand your needs, guide you through the entire buying process, and find a perfect home with the best possible price for you.

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Design a personal strategic plan to get your home sold with the least amount of stress and a maximum return on your investment.

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Provide a personalized and professional mortgage service, offering the best home loan solutions to all clients.

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Use my extensive experience and expertise to find the perfect investment property for your unique circumstances.

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Bill provides timely information with paying attention to detail. Extensive knowledge, familiar with market trend and responsible to the client.

Daisy Wang, Refinance Client, Sunnyvale
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Bill is a fantastic agent.I have a very good experience of purchasing my first home. Good personality with friendly and patient attitude.

Jackie Wen, Buyer, San Jose
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I am amazed by his work ethic and care. If you give yourself a chance to cooperate with him, you will put your 100% trust on him because of his professional service.

Alisa Wang, Seller, Union City
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Bill is very knowledgeable about the current market. Actually my husband and I just moved from another state. After talking with Bill, the problem has been addressed very well.

Andrew Zhang, Relocation buyer, Mountain View
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Bill was my real estate agent and he helped me found and purchased the house in 2010 in San Jose. He is not only knowledgeable in this area also very patient. I recommend him!!!

Alex Yao, Buyer, San Jose
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Bill provided very competitive Mortgage rates and excellent customer service. He personally assisted me through every step of the loan process and helped me solve all the met trouble.

Keila Song, Refinance client, Milpitas
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When we purchased our house, the rate at that time was 3.875%. He took care of all the issue. 3 weeks later, we got our new rate approved, which is 2.625%! We DID NOT PAY ANY PENNY! REALLY NO POINT, NO FEE!

Sophia Wang, Purchasing finance, San Jose
Testimonial author image

Choosing Bill as my agent, you can SAVE time and SAVE money! I am very pleased with his service!

Nick Huang, Seller, Milpitas
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As a first-time buyer, we are fortunate to choose Bill. He and his team do provide us with comprehensive and professional services. In the process of cooperation, some of the suggestions he gave us are currently correct and practical.

David Kang, Buyer, Fremont
Testimonial author image

We choose Bill as our listing agent. The staging he and his team did is modern, tasteful and look much better. Finally we sold our house for above asking price and within a week of listing!

Arianna Huang, Seller, Cupertino
Testimonial author image

At first, I didn’t know anything about real estate investment. I consulted Bill ’s investment team. I think his real estate investment analysis is done well and has a certain depth.

Allan Liu, Investor, Fremont
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Bill took care of my refinancing and did a great job. I collaborated with him on a few community events, when I got to know him as hard-working, trustworthy, detail oriented and a great communicator.

Qinggang Zhou, Refinance client, Belmont


Driven by the belief that he has an obligation to each of his clients to help them make the best possible real estate decisions, Bill Qin, team leader of BQ Realty group, has taken the combination of diligence, creativity, and integrity in order to successfully help clients navigate one of the largest and the most complex business transactions they will encounter.


Born and raised in Beijing, China, Bill moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2000 and obtained a master’s degree in Computer Science here. As a Realtor with a software engineering background, he leverages his previous experience in the technology industry to deeply understand his clients’ needs, analyze market conditions and provide his clients with the in-depth information that they need to make accurate real estate decisions. By living in the Bay Area for more than 20 years, Bill has witnessed the dramatic change and rapid growth in the local housing market. He is an exceptionally comprehensive guide and resource to help his clients meet and exceed their real estate goals.


Over 15 years of experience in the real estate industry has enabled Bill to identify potential problems and take mitigating steps to protect his clients. In addition to his extraordinary negotiation skills, wide network of contacts, and outstanding marketing strategy, Bill has a team of professionals to provide smooth and high-quality service every step of the way. Bill and his team are committed to providing the highest quality service in the bay area real estate market.


Considered by clients as one of the leading real estate professionals in the Bay Area, Bill is often consulted by the media such as SingTao Radio Station regarding local real estate market trends. Bill has achieved many milestones during his career:



·       He is a licensed real estate broker (a designation achieved by only approximately 10% of all agents), and as such has gained superior experience and expertise, and is held to a higher standard of care

·       He is a top agent, and has been in the Top Agent Network for years

·       He is a Certified Investor Agent Specialist.

·       He has achieved a variety of licenses in the real estate relevant field:

Ø  Appraiser License

Ø  General Contractor B License

Ø  Loan Agent License

Ø  Residential Design Certificate

Phone: (408) 800-5988    Send me an email or wechat ID: iBillQin

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